How it started and why to use it.

CloudGTO helps developers build AWS serverless architecture quickly and with best practices baked in; which allows developers to focus more time on product and less time on everything else. Through years of building world class serverless applications at Serverless Guru, CloudGTO has taken shape.

By leveraging CloudGTO, developers will save 20-80hrs of work per service depending on skill level. Each service built with CloudGTO contains IaC (Infra-as-code) files to support the entire architecture, application code for basic functionality, helper files to generate JWTs for testing, and a bunch of additional goodies such as enhanced packaging for Lambda and least privilege IAM permissions. All IaC is currently built via Serverless Framework and supports Serverless Framework v3.

Our mission at CloudGTO is to help cloud developers build cloud applications faster.

GTO stands for Game Theory Optimized. Our founder, Ryan Jones, choose the name CloudGTO because of his background playing poker where GTO play was about adapting strategy to the player you're facing in the most optimized way possible.

When it comes to cloud adoption and cloud development CloudGTO is the optimized path to cloud success.


The team behind CloudGTO

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones, founder of Serverless Guru and CloudGTO, started his serverless journey in 2017, working in the Nike Innovation Engineering department building serverless applications before starting Serverless Guru, a serverless first consulting company of 30+ people, in 2018.

Ryan lives in Puerto Rico and enjoys surfing, skydiving, and skateboarding.

Alex Lee

Alex Lee is the VP of Engineering at Serverless Guru, helping provide engineering leadership to a growing organization of 30+ consultants dispersed globally.

Alex also enjoys getting out into nature to fish!

Almir Zulic

Almir Zulic is a Senior Serverless Architect at Serverless Guru helping build world class serverless applications for clients globally.

Almir is an avid blogger and serverless enthusiast.

Mersad Hadzic

Mersad Hadzic is a Senior Serverless Developer at Serverless Guru helping clients build full stack cloud applications powered by serverless.


CloudGTO helps you develop serverless applications faster by generating best practice projects. From 2 days to 10 minutes.

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